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§ 1 Information about data protection

On this page we provide you with information about data protection with regard to the use of our Internet offers. We describe which data we generally store about you and how you can prevent us storing it.

If you have any questions about the topic of data protection, we will be pleased to answer them by eMail or other ways.

§ 2 Anonymous use of the Internet site

You can assume that you are able to use our website without your personal details being stored. We do however require some personal data from those using our online booking system.

Calling up our Internet pages requires temporary cookies, which are not being stored for long. When you leave our website the cookies are automatically removed from your web browser. Requests for our web pages are recorded in the protocols on our Internet server for statistical purposes. The protocols are only analysed on a cumulative basis and do not permit tracing back to individual users.

§ 3 Use of your data

If you wish to book a crossing we need to record certain customer details that include title, name, address, telephone number, vehicle registration number, eMail address and a password. Using this contact information we are able to send you prepaid tickets in advance and notify you of any schedule changes at short notice. We also use this data so that the ticket office can find your reservation even without the booking number, and to ensure that only one departure is reserved for a registration number per day and per harbour. Along with your registration number we will also store the length of your vehicle, so that you don’t have to enter all the details again next time you book with us. We are assuming that not all our guests can be reached by email at short notice, and that is why we ask you for your telephone number as well. Voluntary data includes your mobile phone number and the question if we can send you publicity material by eMail. We can send or text you any timetable changes made at short notice using your mobile number.

For every reservation we store the planned travelling data, the printed tickets and the method of payment. Later alterations to the reservation caused by rescheduling are also protocolled. This data is stored for up to a year after the end of the business year and then deleted.

Your personal data is only used within the FRS Group and not passed on to any third parties.

§ 4 Information about your data and its deletion  

The data for all online reservations are automatically confirmed by eMail. You can also request an eMail overview of your data saved by us for the online reservation. Once all your reservations are out of date or have been cancelled you can order the immediate deletion of your data by eMail or by any other method of communication.

§ 5 External links 

You can call up external websites from links provided on our website. These you will for example find on the "Links" page. These sites are then displayed in their own window. Because the content of such external websites can be changed at any time without our knowledge we explicitly reject any responsibility for the content of such linked pages.

§ 6 Supplier identification

Responsible for this content in accordance with the German Telephone Services Act are the managing directors of the FRS Group:

  • Christian Baumberger
  • Götz Becker
  • Jan Kruse

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Birte Dettmers  for editorial work

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